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  • DATE PUBLISHED 19-11-14

    The ongoing substantive development of our Seatrade Standard is reflected by a colorful and more cognitive presentation which, in our opinion, will enhance understanding and performance both... Read More

  • DATE PUBLISHED 09-10-14

    The external ISM / ISO audit for Seatrade Groningen, Seatrade Shipmanagement and Seatank Management that took place 7 October 2014, passed off successfully. The certificated was issued 9 October.... Read More

  • DATE PUBLISHED 07-10-14

    Dear customers, partners and friends,

    Within the last couple of months the Seatrade team has not only worked hard managing and manning the fleet, the team also succeeded in designing a new... Read More

  • DATE PUBLISHED 24-06-14

    Press release 8 July 2014.