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model test - freezer

model test - freezer


On 16 and 17 November 2015, the model tests for the freezers have been conducted in the deep water towing tank of MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) in Wageningen. Parameters of the towing tank are as follows: 250m by 10.5m by 5.5m in length, width and depth, respectively.

Prior to the model tests, the optimization process of the hull lines took place, using a combination of potential flow and viscous flow CFD codes. The hull lines resulting from this optimization process have been the starting point of the model manufacturing.

The model tests were witnessed by:
- Hans Mol and Hans Nauta (GreenSea)
- Auke van der Kerk
- Michiel Schaap, Johan Zwaard ( Seatrade Reefer Chartering)
- Mark Jansen, Vincent Peeters, Dale Rolfe, Tienco Vries de, Rob Schenkeveld, Jarek Cisek (Seatrade Groningen)
- Groot Ship Design team

We are very pleased to announce that the results of the tank towing tests are above our expectations.