Over half a century
of hands-on experience


  • 2019

    Delivery of the last Colour Class vessel,  Seatrade Green, and delivery of three freezer vessels Orange Sea, Orange Stream and Orange Strait.

  • 2018

    Delivery m.v. Juice Express and first freezer vessel in a series of four, m.v. Orange Spirit.

  • 2017

    Start newbuilding four own design 300,000 cbt freezers in China and delivery of Seatrade Blue.

  • 2016

    Delivery of the first three in a series of five reefer-containerships (Seatrade Orange, Seatrade Red and Seatrade White)

    Start newbuilding own design high end juice carrier, m.v. Juice Express, in China

    In-house travel agent Avior Travel takes shape with offices in The Netherlands and The Philippines

  • 2015

    After 27 years in the same building, the Seatrade team moved to a new office location

    Leonard Springerlaan 17, 9727 KB Groningen, The Netherlands

  • 2014

    Newbuilding of two own design ships in China

    Replacement juice carrier m.v. Joint Frost

  • 2013

    Seatank Management B.V. is founded to care for the tankers under Seatrade shipmanagement

  • 2012

    Crewing agency Avior organizes the Group's crewing activities

    Design and supervision of the lengthening of m.v. Atlantic Reefer and m.v. Pacific Reefer with one container hold, in Shanghai

  • 2011

    Newbuilding m.v. Atlantic Klipper

  • 2010

    Newbuilding m.v. Baltic Klipper 

  • 2008

    Seatrade takes over a fleet of 7 vessels from Maritima del Norte

  • 2006

    Design and supervision of the lengthening of four sister vessels in Bremerhaven.

  • 2005

    Seatrade takes over 15 vessels of the United Reefer Pool 

  • 2001

    Since 2001, the Seatrade Shipmanagement Group offers full crew resource management to third-party Owners

  • 2000

    Triton Schiffahrts GmbH joins the Seatrade Shipmanagement Group, customizing their management activities to German owners

  • 1997

    Seatrade starts actively sourcing Russian crew

  • 1996

    The first dry cargo vessels enter Seatrade shipmanagement

  • 1993

    The Chartering - and Operations Department move to Antwerp. Seatrade in Groningen focuses solely on shipmanagement and crewing, opening the door for third party owners 

  • 1989

    Seatrade takes over Dammers & van der Heide and its entire fleet and staff

  • 1984

    Seatrade starts actively sourcing Filipino crew

  • 1982

    M.v. Joint Frost is purchased and rebuilt into a juice carrier (the ship is still sailing under Seatrade shipmanagement)

  • 1973

    Renaming of the difficult to pronounce ‘Scheepvaartkantoor Groningen’ into ‘Seatrade Groningen B.V.’ 

  • 1970s

    Newbuilding spree of specialized reefer vessels 

  • 1960s

    Switch from traditional coasters to reefer vessels 

  • 1951

    Scheepvaartkantoor Groningen is founded by five Captain-Owners sailing on small coastal vessels